An induction machine plays a vital role in industry and there is s strong demand for their reliable and safe operation. They are generally reliable but eventually do wear out. Faults and failures of induction machines can lead to excessive downtimes and generate large losses in terms of maintenance and lost revenues, and this motivates the examination of condition monitoring. On condition monitoring involves taking measurements on a machine while it is operating in order to detect faults with the aim of reducing both unexpected failures and maintenance costs. This paper surveys the current trends in on-line fault detection and diagnosis of induction machines and identifies future research areas. Condition monitoring of electric machinery can significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and the risk of unexpected failures by allowing the early detection of potentially catastrophic faults. In condition based maintenance, one does not schedule maintenance or machine replacement based on previous records or statistical estimates of machine failure. Rather, one relies on the information provided by condition monitoring systems assessing the machine’s condition. Thus the key for the success of condition based maintenance is having an accurate means of condition assessment and fault diagnosis. Wireless sensor network for condition monitoring uses measurements taken while a machine is operating to determine if a fault exists. Different types of sensors can be used to measure signals to detect these faults. Various signals processing techniques can be applied to these sensors signals to extract particular features which are sensitive to the presence of faults. Finally, in the fault detection stage, a decision needs to be made as to whether a fault exists or not. This paper is to monitor the operating conditions of single-phase induction motors. This system is based on s low cost electronic device that can acquire and pre-process current, voltages and temperatures, and transmit processed key-information related to the motor operation condition using ZIGBEE wireless technology.


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