The Human detection robot is not a new technology. There are many types of the human detection robots were designed is dependent upon the application. During the natural calamities like the earthquakes, it is then difficult to rescue the human beings who are stuck under the buildings. Though the detection by the rescue team the human beings under the buildings. Though the detection by the rescue team is done then it will consume a lot of time. The detection of the human in an appropriate time is such an important situations. This is the article which presents a simple human detection robot that is operated manually with the help of the RF technology.



The principle behind the circuit is to detect the presence of the human using the human detector sensor. The wireless, operated robot is operated manually with the help of the PC. The wireless technology which is used here is the Radio Frequency Technology. The data is transmitted to the receiver through the RF. By using the received data, then the robot is operated and the controlled.



Transmitter circuit



Receiver Circuit




  • AT89s51 microcontroller.
  • Max232 IC.
  • Motors.
  • RF transmitter and receiver.
  • PIR sensor.
  • 9V battery.
  • Robot chassis.
  • L293D IC.
  • PC.



  • Initially we have to burn the code into the micro controller.
  • Arrange the robot chassis according to the robot.
  • Connect the transmitter and the receiver circuits as shown in the circuit diagram.
  • Now we have to arrange the transmitter to the robot.
  • Connect the receiver to the PC.
  • Enter the character F in the hyper terminal of the Computer.
  • This will make the robot to move in the forward direction.
  • Now we can enter the character B to move the robot in reverse direction.
  • Enter the L and R to move the robot in left and right directions.
  • While the robot is moving in a particular direction if any human being detected by the PIR sensor robot stops moving and a buzzer is switched on.

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